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Commercial Trash Only Application

  2. Commercial Trash Only Application
    Recycling is not available for Commercial accounts.
  3. **If a dumpster or roll off is needed please contact Waste Connections directly. **
    Waste Connections: (903) 450-8282.
  4. I am interested in signing up for the ACH Monthly Bank Account Draft:
    A completed Automatic Debit Authorization Form is required
  5. I want to receive my statement by:
  6. *Cannot be on a weekend or holiday.*
  7. Please indicate if one has been received or applied for.
  8. Is this a rental property?
  9. Trash Can Containers
    *Please note refuse service is $22.14 per month. If you require an additional trash container there is a monthly charge that will be added to your bill each month in the amount of $11.95. Trash carts must be out no later than 7:00 AM on your service day. Please note any carts not out at 7:00 AM and are missed will not be picked up that week.
  10. A copy of the account holder's government-issued ID (such as a driver's license) and proof of ownership (lease or closing papers) must be provided to establish service. You may submit this information via email, fax, mail, in the drop box or in person at 1900 C D Boren Pkwy.
  11. I hereby apply for trash services at the above address, to be furnished at the standard rates and under the terms and conditions of the City of Fate, on file in the City Office. The twenty five ($25.00) application fee is non-refundable and is due at the time of application. The deposit may be submitted by mail, in office or in the drop box.
  12. I acknowledge trash service at the above property.
  13. Confidential Requests:
    I hereby do request that the utility record information as authorized by H.B. 859 be kept confidential and that such information be only disclosed to those persons or entities authorized to receive such information by the statute.
  14. Internal Use Only
  15. Start Date: _____________
  16. Today's Date: _______________
  17. Account Number: ________________
  18. Amount Paid: _____________
  19. Received By: _______________
  20. Phone: 972-771-4601 Opt: 2
  21. Fax: 972-722-8266
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