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Boards and Commission Position

  1. Please note that this application, once completed is considered to be public record. Applications will remain on file for one year. 

  2. Board or Commission Positions

    Please indicate your preferred board or commission and indicate your second choice, if interested in service on more than one board or commission. 

    Please note: to be eligible to serve on the MDD a candidate must meet at least one of the following qualifications: 

    1. serve, or have served, as Chief Executive Officer of a company; or

    2. serve, or have served, in a position of executive management of a company; or

    3. serve, or have served, in a professional capacity; or

    4. owned and/or operated a small business; or

    5. have experience equivalent to any of the above qualifications. 

  3. If different than your physical address.
  4. This information can be located here:

  5. Please state why you wish to serve on a City of Fate Board, Commission, or Committee.
  6. List any experience that qualifies you to serve in the position(s) sought.
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