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Animal Care

  1. Animal Complaint Form

    This form enables the user to file concerns about the well-being of an animal or to request Animal Care Services.

  1. I Found a Stray Animal Form

    Please use this form to report animals you've found and you don't know who owns the animal.


  1. Commercial Drone (UAS) Application - City of Fate

    Commercial drone operators which includes but is not limited to a production company, advertising/publicity firm, film crew, etc., are... More…

  1. Project Questionnaire

City Secretary

  1. Boards and Commission Position

    (Please note that this application, once completed is considered to be public record)


  1. DPS Special Event Request Form

    You can now fill out request form for Fate DPS to attend your neighborhood event, birthday party, host a station tour, or other... More…

  1. Stop the Bleed Training

    What stops bleeding? In a STOP THE BLEED ® course, you will learn 3 quick techniques to help save a life before someone bleeds out: (1)... More…

Fate Christmas Tree Lighting

  1. Fate Christmas Tree Lighting

    Demonstrate your company’s support for Fate’s growing community of 20,000+ residents by becoming a sponsor of the Annual Christmas Tree... More…


  1. Park Equipment

    Do you see a broken piece of park equipment or something that needs attention in a park? Please fill this out to help bring it to our... More…

Public Safety

  1. Fate Neighborhood Video Partnership

    The Fate Department of Public Safety (DPS) has created a crime prevention partnership of participating residents. These residents have... More…

  2. Vacation House Watch Application

    Vacation House Watch Application

  1. Personnel Compliment

Utility Billing

  1. 96-Gallon Cart Request

    96-Gallon Cart Request

  2. Authorization to Make Changes

    Authorization to Make Changes

  3. Commercial Trash Only Application

    Commercial Trash Only Application

  4. Consumption Inquiry Request

    Consumption Inquiry Request

  5. Customer Notification

    The city of Fate Utility Billing Department is excited to announce that we are launching a new notification system that will allow us... More…

  6. Extra Trash or Recycle Cart Request

    Extra Trash or Recycle Cart Request

  7. Hydrant Meter Application

    Hydrant Meter Application

  8. Residential Water Service Application

    Residential Water Service Application

  9. Utility Billing Account Maintenance
  10. Water Adjustment Form

    Water Adjustment Form

  1. Alarm Application

    Alarm Application

  2. Automatic Debit Authorization Form

    Automatic Debit Authorization Form

  3. Commercial Water Service Application

    Commercial Water Service Application

  4. Customer Billing Information

    Customer Billing Information



  6. Housewarmers Sign Up Sheet

    Housewarmers Sign Up Sheet

  7. Residential Trash Only Application

    Residential Trash Only Application

  8. Utilities Formal Complaint Form
  9. Utility Disclosure Form


  1. Fate Christmas Tree Lighting Volunteer Form

    Volunteer to help at Fate Christmas Tree Lighting. The Fate Christmas Tree Lighting will take place on Friday, December 1, 2023, from... More…