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Joe Burger Park

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Coming Soon, a new 19-acre community park. Construction began in December 2021 and is expected to be finished in October 2022. 

Fate voters approved a $3.25 million in bonds to prepare the entire park site adjacent to Harry Herndon Elementary School for future development while also completing a substantial first phase of park amenities; which includes:

  • Full Site Grading and Earthwork
  • Full Site Utilities
  • Retention Pond
  • Center Pedestrian Paving
  • Play Structure
  • Pavilion / Restroom
  • Phase 1 of the Parking Lot
  • Phase 1 of Site Amenities
  • Phase 1 of Irrigation
  • Phase 1 of Landscaping

Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, Recreation Grants Branch is providing 50/50 matching grant funding assistance from a portion of the state sales tax on sporting goods Through a Local Park Grant. 

  • Basketball Court
  • Tennis/Pickleball Court

The Map below indicates the areas of the park that will be developed with the bond proceeds.
2020-1 Southside Community Park Park Bond