Lafayette Crossing

LC Branding(Proposed Branding provided by developer in 2.5.2024 presentation)

Lafayette Crossing is a Business Oriented Development that spans the 267-acre tract of land nestled along IH-30 to the south, M-K-T Railroad to the north, FM 551 to the east, and South Ben Payne Road to the west.  This long-term project would be built in a phased approach to support the commercial and retail needs of the City of Fate and Rockwall County over the next 15-20 years. 

The development’s plans submitted in November 2023 included a business district located within the western side of the development, a mixed-use core near the new Woodcreek Boulevard extension, and a single-family residential district on the east side, closest to downtown Fate.  The development will boast nearly 50 acres of greenspace, a comprehensive trail system, activity centers, pocket parks, and an expansive event lawn.  

LC Commercial

LC Mixed Use

(Updated images provided by developer in 2.5.2024 presentation)

Utilizing the City’s established Land Use Plan, the developer has factored traffic concerns into the Business Oriented  Development and is situating this along the IH30 corridor to help alleviate additional pressure on city streets.   By incorporating office space, retail, restaurants, parks, and greenspace, this development will become a new destination for residents and visitors of Rockwall County.  

LC Civic ParkLC Residential Street

(Updated image provided by developer in 2.5.2024 presentation)

Development Timeline

February, 2024
January, 2024
December, 2023
  • Developer Submitted Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) - a comprehensive plan to address traffic impacts on the surrounding thoroughfares throughout the entire project timeline.   
  • Staff provided a prepared Planned Development (PD) Analysis and staff summary packet for the Planning & Zoning Commission.  Staff's recommendation is "Approval with Conditions".  

November, 2023

  • Developer submitted formal Planned Development (PD) ApplicationLC Project Vision

July, 2023

  • Developer worked with Planning Staff to host a P&Z and City Council joint-workshop to gain a better understanding of the goals and vision of the development from elected officials and the public.

October, 2022

  • Initial workshop between the developer, Planning & Zoning Commission, and City Council.
  • Discussion and review of the preliminary vision and concept of the project, in accordance to the newly adopted Forward Fate Comprehensive Plan
October, 2021
  • Adoption of the Forward Fate Comprehensive Plan
  • Forward Fate is the policy document that identifies where and how the community should grow or redevelop based on a community vision.
  • Public and stakeholder engagement was critical to developing a community-driven plan. The Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC) made up of key stakeholders was created to serve as a review body throughout the plan process.
  • Click here to see the full Forward Fate Comprehensive Plan Timeline and Process