2023 Holiday Grease Roundup


Residents can protect their home plumbing system and prevent sewer backups by recycling used cooking oil and grease at The City of Fate’s 2023 Holiday Grease Roundup Events.


11/27/2023- 7:30AM-12:00PM

12/14/2023- 7:30AM-12:00PM

12/28/2023- 7:30AM-12:00PM

1/4/2023- 7:30AM-12:00PM

The annual project cooperates with the Wastewater and Treatment Education Roundtable, North Central Texas Council of Governments, and other area cities.

During the Holiday Grease Roundup, residents can drop off used cooking oil and grease to our staff in the parking lot at 1834 FM 551, Royse City, TX 75189 (Back Parking lot)

American BioSource provides the receptacles. American BioSource recycles used cooking oil to make biodiesel fuels or biogas, reducing landfill waste and producing clean alternative energy and green fuel.

This collection is for cooking oil and grease only. Motor oil and other automotive fluids are not accepted.

By collecting and recycling used cooking oil and grease, residents are preventing these products from clogging pipes in their homes. Fats, oils, and grease that harden in Fate’s sanitary sewer system can also cause blockages that can result in sanitary sewer overflows into homes, streets, and local waterways.

Visit www.defendyourdrainsnorthtexas.com for grease drop-off locations in other cities or for more information on how to Cease the Grease.

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