Proactive Zoning FAQs

Proactive Zoning Town Hall Meeting

When: Wednesday, December 13, 2023 - 6pm

Where: Fate Community Center (104 William E. Crawford Ave., Fate, TX)

Parking: Located at the Community Center, Fate Food Haul, and designated surface parking in downtown.

What is "Proactive Zoning"?

  • Proactive zoning is where the City initiates a zoning change to an area to either match its current uses (e.g., a commercial use on an agriculture-zoned lot) or proactively zone an area of land in accordance with the Comprehensive Plan.  Proactive zoning can also be used to rezone lots that may be conforming in their uses, but not in their size or dimensions. This contrasts with reactionary zoning, in which each parcel is zoned one by one at the time a development is proposed.

Why is the City of Fate doing this?

  • The City of Fate is trying to  better align our downtown district's zoning with our Comprehensive Plan.  The Comprehensive Plan has a Downtown Focus Area (beginning on page 39 of the document).  This proactive zoning effort will help better align the zoning and associated allowable uses based on the City's vision.  

What are the different Classifications of Zoning?

  • Referencing the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) Article 3 - the various zoning types for approval are:        
  • Ag: The Agricultural (A) district is intended to accommodate agricultural uses on large acreage (minimum five acres). This district can also accommodate single-family detached residential uses and accessory buildings. It may be used as a holding zoning when property is first annexed into the city. The district provisions allow compatible agricultural uses that are in keeping with the rural character of these neighborhoods.
  • NT: The Neighborhood Transition (NT) district is intended to provide for the development of smaller lot residential and commercial uses compatible with the mixed-use development. This district is appropriate in areas on the edge of the historic downtown core of the city and other areas where a mix of uses in a denser and more walkable setting is appropriate.
  • OTC: The Old Town Core (OTC) district is intended to provide for the development of mixed use and non-residential uses. This district is appropriate in areas central to the historic downtown core of the city. Adequate street rights-of-way already exist, so improvements shall focus on expanding street sections to incorporate on-street parking and bike/ ped linkages, creating frontages that are pedestrian friendly, and activating the frontage with storefront and pedestrian accessible space.

What classification change is being proposed in my area?

  • The Downtown Focus Area is being rezoned from Agriculture (A) to either Neighborhood Transition (NT) or Old Town Core (OTC) based on the address.  See the proposed proactive zoning plan "Affected Parcels" map below.
Parcels Affected Map

What does this mean for me?  Will I be automatically rezoned?

  • In accordance with the proactive zoning plan map (above), your property would be rezoned to one of the new zoning districts as shown on the Affected Areas map.
  • Because the City is initiating this rezoning, there will be no zoning fee, application, or surveys required on your behalf.  

What if I DON'T want my property rezoned?

  • If your property has been identified for rezoning, your property will be automatically included in the case.  
  • There will be a public hearing at both the Planning & Zoning Commission and City Council meetings where you may appeal your inclusion in the rezoning case and explain why you wish to be removed.  However, this does not guarantee your property will be removed and it may still be rezoned.

What will happen to my property values?  

  • While property value is not directly tied to zoning, it is tied to the existing use of the land.  The Downtown Focus Area Plan supports higher intensity development which may lead to more valuable property to developers, should you decide to sell or redevelop your property.  Please note the City does not guarantee this as there is no active proposed development at this time.  
What is the timeline of this rezoning?  
  • We will begin with the impacted area Town Hall Meeting on December 13th at 6pm.
  • The case will be presented to the Planning & Zoning Commission  on January 19th for feedback and Public Comment. The Commission will make a recommendation on the proposed zoning to the City Council. 
  • The zoning case will then be presented to the City Council on Monday, February 5th for Public Comment and Council consideration. The Council may either approve, deny, or amend the proposed zoning case at their meeting.  
  • Please note all dates and times are subject to change.  The City of Fate will follow all proper notice procedures in accordance with State Law.  

How can I submit questions?

  • You may attend the Town Hall Meeting on December 13th at 6pm, located at the Fate Community Center (104 William E. Crawford Ave. , Fate, TX.)
  • You may email the Planning and Development Department at [email protected]; please expect a minimum of 24 hour response time to all emails.  
Will I be able to remain in my home if my property is rezoned?
  • Rezoning your property will not require you to sell, move, or otherwise change your property. The rezoning is intended to make your property, and all properties in the downtown, eligible in the future for a wider array of property uses and development types. Your home will be able to stay where it is, as it is, for as long as you wish.