Department of Public Safety General Information

  1. Operations Division
  2. Criminal Investigation Division (CID)
  3. Fire Marshal Division

The Operations Division is considered the backbone of the Fate Department of Public Safety. The Police and Fire divisions are the most visible section of the department, providing around-the-clock service to the citizens of Fate.

We consist of highly trained officers, firefighters, and supervisors that work to serve the city 24/7. Our patrol officers work a 12- hours shift and are responsible for enforcing state and municipal laws and ordinances designed to protect life and property. Our firefighters work a 24-hour shift and respond to fire and medical calls. Most likely, the first person you will see when you need the Police, Fire, or EMS will be one of our Public Safety Officers. These PSO's take pride in serving the citizens of Fate.

Each Public Safety Officer is certified by the State of Texas as a Police Officer, Firefighter, and EMT or Paramedic and under a shift lieutenant's direct supervision. Public Safety Officers handle a variety of calls during their duty shifts. Anything from Police calls for service to Fire calls or providing medical aid as a first responder.

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