Parks and Trails Master Plan Update

Community Plan

Parks & Trails Master Plan Update

On October 17, 2022 the Fate's City Council, along with recommendation from Parks and Recreation Advisory Board members, adopted a Parks & Trails Master Plan Update for the community. This planning document includes updates to the Parks, Trails, and Open Space Master Plans, and provides recommended Top Priorities. 

  • Improve access for all residents to public park spaces
  • Provide park and recreation amenities that are inclusive and accessible to all residents
  • Work with partners to offer recreation amenities and programming that addresses a variety of community interests

You can view the 112-page Parks & Trails Master Plan Update here. 


Rockwall County Open Space Master Plan

The Open Space Alliance Executive Committee has developed an Open Space Master Plan with the support of the Rockwall County Commissioners Court and the cities within our County. The resulting Plan supplements each city’s planning efforts and identifies opportunities to connect open spaces, preserve natural resources and habitats, protect streams and waterways from pollution, and add economic value to properties. Rockwall County Open Space Master Plan