Mobile Food Unit Information

Mobile Food Unit Application Process 

1. Fill out all documents in the Mobile Food Vendor Packet located here

2. Complete the Mobile Food Unit Checklist located in the Mobile Food Vendor Packet 

3. All fees must be paid

3. The City will contact the health inspector to set up inspection

4. Place Mobile Food Vendor Permit Sticker on the rear of the vehicle clearly visible to City Employees and the public

Mobile Food Unit Regulations

1. Shall  NOT operate within the City of Fate without a valid permit

2. Shall NOT operate at one location for a period of more than 15 minutes

3. Must have mobile food permit affixed directly to the mobile food unit

4. Must inform the City of Fate immediately upon changing or discontinuing use of a central preparation facility and must cease operation until a commissary letter verifying the use of a new central preparation facility has been approved.   

5. Permits are not transferable 

6. Permits will be renewed every October health inspections may be required more frequently  

A complete copy of the ordinance can be found here

Please contact the Building Inspection Department with any questions 972-771-4601 EXT 101