Rental Registration and Inspection Program

On August 19,2019 the City of Fate adopted a Rental Registration and Inspection Program that will become effective January 1,2020. All Rental dwelling units to include single-family and multi-family will be required to register and have their rental properties inspected.

The purpose of the program is to ensure these properties are safe to occupy, to establish a condition of property and to protect property values within the City of Fate.

Included in the program is an inspection prior to occupancy of the property and annually upon registration renewal. The inspections are intended to identify and correct code and safety violations of the interior and exterior condition of the property.

Requirements of the program

  • An owner of any rental dwelling unit is required to register their properties annually.
  • An application shall be submitted to the City of Fate identifying the property owner information and local property management representative.
  • An inspection will be performed prior to occupancy, at any change of ownership or tenancy, upon complaint basis and annually upon registration renewal.

The city of Fate is committed to keeping all dwellings, attractive, healthy and safe.

The standards of condition of all dwellings are established within the International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC) as adopted by the City of Fate.

Single-Family  $100.00 Annually 
Multi-Family      $ 25.00 Per Unit 
Late registration$ 150.00
Re-Inspection$ 75.00

How to register a rental property

  • Complete the Single-Family registration process online at City of Fate Rental Registration application.
  • Tenant information should be updated within 30 days of any change in tenancy.
  • Review your registration annually to update contact information.

Failure of registration or renewal of registration may cause fines or delay in utility service.

Inspection can be obtained by contacting the Building Inspection Department at [email protected]  or 972-771-4601 ext. 101.

Questions can be addressed by contacting the Building Inspections Department or FAQ