Fitness Class Park License

Fitness classes and personal trainers that provide instruction and/or training in a park and that charge participants for their service must pay a permit fee to operate on parkland when their group has over four (4) participants. 

  • This permit is non-refundable and cannot be prorated or resold. City-sponsored programs are exempt.   
  • The City may limit the number of permits issued or areas/times available (not all areas are available for rental).  
  • A permit is not a reservation and does not guarantee specific locations. 
  • The permit shall limit the number of participants per class and number of hours per week; however, participants shall not exceed forty-nine (49) persons per class or thirty (30) hours per week per permit. 
  • At the time of submission of an application for a permit, the applicant shall pay a fee of $100.00, or twenty percent (20%) of the total fee assessed by the applicant to each participant for the permitted activity for all participants, whichever is greater.

Apply for a Fitness Class Permit here.

Please review the Fitness Class Use Policy