of the Stormwater/Drainage Division are:

  • To protect our creeks and lakes from pollutants that hurt our water quality.
  •  Inform our residential and commercial residents of the importance of stormwater pollution control and best management practices.
  •  Organize annual public participation events to promote stormwater awareness through community clean-up events and bulk trash drop-offs.
  •  Regulate and annually inspect detention ponds and Municipal buildings throughout the City of Fate. 
  • Plan review of construction/development plans and sites related to drainage and runoff compliance.
  • Make sure the city complies with EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) through TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) permits and implements its programs.
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Report Illegal Dumping

It is considered illegal dumping when any junk, garbage, or debris is left on public property—including roadsides, open streets, and paved alleys. The items most reported are TVs and computers; furniture; paints, solvents, and other potentially hazardous liquids; tires; garbage, yard waste, and construction debris.

Learn more about reporting illegal dumping here.

Download our printable brochure here.

Public Education

North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) is a statewide leader in education programs for water conservation and environmental protection. Check out the available resources here.

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Municipal Stormwater Program

For more information regarding the City's Stormwater plan, the permits have been provided at the below links.  

2018 Annual Report
Annual Report Transmittal
Phase II (Small) MS4 Annual Report Form
Stormwater Final Plan

City Ordinances and Code

For a full list of City Ordinances and Codes click here

Detention Pond Maintenance Plan

Provided below is a link to a list for detention pond maintenance. 
Detention Pond Maintenance Plan

Drainage Master Plan

Provided below is the Drainage Master Plan completes in 2020.
Fate Drainage Master Plan

Municipal Inspection List 

  • Service Center PS1, PS2 , South Tower
  • Fire Station
  • City Hall
  • Community Center
  • Police station DT
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