2015 Comprehensive Plan

Executive Summary

The City of Fate has embarked on an important journey with the creation of its 2015 Comprehensive Plan. This plan will provide a unified vision of what Fate can become, as well as a long-range statement of the City’s public policy. It is important to note that this plan is not a mandate. It is actually a flexible guide for City Staff and City decision makes to determine the future of Fate. This plan was created through a Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee, which was created to guide the development of actions, policies and future land use scenario for the City. The steering committee was comprised of diverse stakeholders in Fate who were a part of the Comprehensive Plan development. A vision statement was created by the committee to describe Fate’s values and goals for the future. The following vision statement is the basis for the entire plan.

Fate has an identity that sets itself apart. Located in the heart of Rockwall County, Fate is a quiet and safe community with unique and vibrant character, quality housing, and abundant activities. Fate is a great place for families.

The plan is also guided by six principles: family atmosphere, small town character, active community, quality neighborhoods, resource preservation, and fiscal responsibility. All recommended policies and actions in the plan relate to one or more of the guiding principles. In addition to these principles, the plan is driven by five goals.

Goal 1 - Land Use and Growth Management

Achieve a balance of land uses that promote a mix of development and build on smart growth principles, while preparing for new residents and businesses.

Goal 2 - Housing

Enhance the quality and attainability of housing and provide a mix of appropriate housing options to attract all ages.

Goal 3 - Transportation

Plan for safe and efficient transportation that meets the current and forecasted demands of the City while focusing on reducing future maintenance costs.

Goal 4 - Parks, Trails, and Open Space

Establish an interconnected recreation system of parks, roadside trails, and greenbelt trails that serve the needs of all ages and connect all areas of Fate.

Goal 5 - Public Facilities

Plan for public facilities that will meet the demands of Fate's growing population.

Each chapter ends with strategies to help to carry the plan forward and ensure successful implementation. The implementation matrix at the end of the plan details each action by identifying the priority, implementation mechanism, and the timeline. The implementation matrix is intended to help the City staff implement the plan in a fiscally-responsible and sustainable manner. The following are the top 10 priorities from the implementation matrix. These 10 strategies will set the plan in motion and ensure that future implementation of the remaining strategies is possible. The top 10 strategies are in no particular order.

Top Priorities for City of Fate

  1. Update the zoning ordinance and zoning map (COMPLETE)
  2. Incentivize development in Downtown to create a unique and attractive destination for residents and visitors (IN PROGRESS)
  3. Maintain desirable lot sizes by requiring varying lot sizes (IN PROGRESS)
  4. Provide higher density options for young professionals and empty-nesters (IN PROGRESS)
  5. Develop a CIP for infrastructure funding and priority ranking of improvements (COMPLETE)
  6. Update codes to allow for alternative transportation modes, such as golf carts
  7. Expand existing parks and increase park level of service by acquiring parkland and installing improvements (IN PROGRESS)
  8. Implement off-street trails along greenbelts and provide new pedestrian facilities along major corridors (IN PROGRESS)
  9. Establish a park and trail dedication ordinance (COMPLETE)
  10. Provide for public safety services in advance of population growth (IN PROGRESS)