Solid Waste Collection

Trash and Recycling Policies

Carts should be placed at the curb no later than 7 AM on the scheduled collection days and returned to the garage at the end of the day. Service hours are completed at 7 PM.

Trash Cart Spacing Diagram - Three feet spacing from any other object

To better serve you, please leave space around your carts and other objects to allow the automated arm to retrieve the carts and improve collection efficiency. Please place carts at least 3 FEET away from each other, cars, mailboxes, light poles, and any other stationary object. Place the cartwheels toward the house.

Large items over 50 pounds or 48" in length that do not fit in the trash cart are considered bulk trash. This does not include extra trash bags. Residents are allowed ONE bulk item per trash day and will need to call Waste Connections to arrange pickup at 469-452-8000. Some items may incur a fee.

For detailed information, please review the Trash and Recycle Guide

To Ensure Service:

  • Do not overpack or place loose trash in the cart.
  • Break down boxes before placing them in the cart.
  • Cart lids must be completely closed.
  • Do not place trash bags outside, beside, or on top of the cart.
  • Bag trash so that while dumping the cans loose trash does not spill out.

*Trash and recycle pick-up will be delayed by one day on Waste Connection's observed holidays:

  • New Year’s Day*
  • Thanksgiving Day*
  • Christmas Day*
  • Independence Day*

Example: If your normal pick-up day is Tuesday then pick-up will take place on Wednesday and so forth.

Garbage and Recycle Schedule

Please see the map below for trash and recycling collection days. Please place both your trash and recycling on the curb by 7 am on your regularly scheduled trash day. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the City of Fate at 972-771-4601.

Trash and Recycling Rates

The collection of solid waste is provided by the contract services of Waste Connections.

  • Trash Rate - $19.87  per month (includes one GREEN 95-gallon cart and one BLUE 95-gallon recycle cart) 
  • Extra Trash Carts - $10.83 each per month
  • Extra Recycle Carts - $2.17 per month

For cart assistance, contact the Utility Department at 972-771-4601 or via email

  • If when you move in, there is no trash or recycle carts are located at the residence, 
  • If you require an additional cart, 
  • Or if your cart has been damaged.

All new poly-carts, poly-cart repairs, or extra poly-carts will be delivered the week following the week they are ordered.


For roll-off information, please contact Waste Connections directly at 903-450-8282.

Click here for information on the local Landfill.

Click here for information on local recycling facility locations.

know what to throw

With the goal to improve recycling across the region, the City of Fate is partnering with the North Central Texas Council of Governments and surrounding cities to launch the "Know What To Throw" recycling education campaign.  KNOW WHAT TO THROW is a fun campaign to educate residents on the correct items to recycle and what items are not acceptable. To test your recycling skills, take the DO YOU KNOW WHAT TO THROW quiz.

New Trash Schedule Map

Waste Connections Contract (formerly named Progressive Waste Solutions) 

The City of Fate entered into an exclusive franchise agreement for the collection, hauling, and disposal or recycling of municipal solid waste materials and recyclable materials in the City of Fate in May of 2009 with IESI (bought out by Waste Connections (formerly named Progressive Waste Solutions) in 2014).  The original term of the agreement is 10 years and is up for renegotiation in 2019.

Here is a copy of the original agreement along with two amendments and supplemental documentation:

Progressive Waste Solutions Contract and Amendments

Here is a copy of the renegotiated agreement in 2019: 

Progressive Waste Solutions Renegotiated Contract 2019