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The Utility department strives to be a resident-centered organization, providing accurate and timely utility services that are consistent for all residents. It is our goal to provide upkeep and maintenance to the water and wastewater systems, so we can provide overall superior quality services. So, when you turn on your faucet or flush your toilet, there are no surprises!

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Welcome to the City of Fate. Please choose from the list below for the type of new utility services you are looking to set up. 

* Please note the City provides water and solid waste collection services. Click here for a list of other new resident services.

*Please note: request for new service and deposit received after 3:00 pm Monday-Thursday will result in connection on the following workday. Requests received on Friday will result in connection the following week.

Stopping Services

If you are moving please complete and submit the Disconnect Form (online) or Disconnect Form (PDF) by email, fax, mail, dropbox, or in person at the City Hall.

Customers are responsible to notify the Utility Billing Department of a (future) stop date to avoid discrepancies with the final date.

New Trash Schedule Map

Tips for new and existing customers:

  • Check and change the settings on your irrigation system to avoid any surprises on your utility statement. For watering, conservation ideas, and general information on programming an irrigation system visit our Water Conservation page.
  • The city will use your consumption between mid-November and mid-February to calculate your new sewer average. Conserving water use during this time can make a positive impact on your statements.   
  • Register here to receive city-wide important disruption notifications via text or phone call. 
  • To double-check the reading on your most recent statement simply look at the register located on your meter. The readings on the register are similar to a car's odometer, the numbers are always moving forward.  
  • If your irrigation system is not in use, turn the double check valve off to ensure your irrigation system will not use water if it resets without your knowledge.