Planning & Development


As a result of House Bill 3167 all application submittal schedules have been updated and can be found on the Application & Fee Information page. Any submittals and resubmittals shall follow the dates provided within the applicable application submittal schedule.

About Our Department

In Fate we embody a Strong Towns approach which advocates for development that results in a financially strong and resilient community beyond the first life-cycle of any given development. Strong Towns' principles include: 

  • Relies on small, incremental investments (little bets) instead of large, transformative projects;
  • Emphasizes resiliency of result over efficiency of execution;
  • Is designed to adapt to feedback (seamless conversion of development to another purpose);
  • Is inspired by bottom-up action (chaotic but smart) and not top-down systems (orderly but dumb);
  • Seeks to conduct as much of life as possible at a personal scale (emphasizes places for people - vehicles are a subordinate consideration); and
  • Is obsessive about accounting for its revenues, expenses, assets and long term liabilities (do the math).