Animal Care Services

The Animal Care Services Department partners with All American Dogs, a private entity contracted with the City of Fate, to provide Fate citizens animal patrol and emergency response services. Both the City of Fate and All American Dogs are committed to promoting responsible pet ownership and to providing outstanding animal health and welfare services.

About All American Dogs

All American Dogs was founded in 2007 on the principles of customer service, safety, integrity, animal welfare, and common sense. Located in Pilot Point, All American Dogs has a high success rate with more than 50% of impounded animals returned to their owners and with 95% of unclaimed domestic animals being adopted or transferred to a rescue.

Click here to watch he presentation given by All American Dogs to Council on September 16th, 2019 providing an update related to the Animal Care Services provided to the City of Fate: 
AAD Presentation 16SEP2019

Also, click here for the slides from the presentation: AAD Presentation Slides

Animal Care Services Provides

Response to routine service calls between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday thru Friday.
ONLY EMERGENCY SERVICE CALLS will be provided after these hours and on the weekends.

Examples of Emergency Service Calls
include: (a) an injured domestic animal when the owner is not known or present, (b) a domestic animal bite to a human when the owner is not known or present, or (c) a domestic animal which has or is showing aggressive or dangerous tendencies (for instance, the animal is rabid). Examples of routine service calls include: (1) a cat in a tree, (2) a deceased animal, (3) an animal running at large, or (4) finding a stray animal.

Recently Found Animals

Pictures and descriptions of recently found animals can be viewed at All American Dogs Recently Found Pets Facebook page. If you do not have Facebook, you can call (972) 382-DOGS [3647].

Report An Animal Issue

Reporting an animal violation or concern can be done by any of the following:

  1. Completing the online Animal Complaint Form or the I Found A Stray Animal Form
  2. Calling (972) 382-DOGS [3647]
  3. Mailing your concern to: (a) City of Fate, Attn. Animal Care Services, PO Box 159, Fate, TX, 75132 AND (b) All American Dogs, 12860 Tischler Rd., Pilot Point, TX 76258

Register Your Pet

Registering your pet is easy and should be done online. Things to know before getting started:

  1. A separate application must be completed for each pet you wish to register
  2. A recent color photo of your pet and an UNEXPIRED rabies vaccination certificate must be uploaded. Expired rabies certificates cannot be accepted per the Texas Health & Safety Code. Uploading expired certificates will cause your application to be denied and your registration fee cannot be refunded
  3. The total per pet registration fee is $5.00
  4. Once you complete the online application your pet's registration certificate and unique ID tag will be mailed to the address you provided within 10-15 business days
  5. Any pet registration questions should be directed to Ashley Martin at [email protected] or (972) 771-4601 ext. 134

To get started with registering your pet please complete the Online Pet Registration Application.

Animal Care Ordinances

All regulations (ordinances) may be found online by clicking the following link - Animal Control Ordinance.

Pet Safety Guide

We're excited to share with you this Pet Safety Guide to help you secure your home for protecting our furry family members. The guide includes tips on how to keep your house and yard in order, precautions to take when you are "out", and many other very helpful tips.